Larkrise ICT Club has been running for 15 years. Some children from Years 3 and 4 get together on Wednesday afternoons after school, to write their own web pages.
The children have chosen a wide range of subjects to write about, and you can see the pages they have created by clicking the links below.

Umaira's page.
Each week the children learnt a different aspect of web page design:
They looked at the use of colours and page layout, and chose what their pages should be about, so that they could start writing some text.
They learnt how to make a title logo for their page, using different fonts, background colours and special effects.
They designed pictures using a graphics program, and then learnt how to add them to their web pages.
They learnt how to link their pages together, using either text or buttons they designed themselves, to click on.
They searched the Web for interesting pages to link their own pages to.

Web page used for titles and buttons -