Minecraft is a survival game where you survive from mobs[evil baddies]
.You have a mode choice for your world which are:creative mode,survival mode and only on pc hardcore mode.Minecraft is a game where you explore build and fight.There are 2 boses,the Wither and the Ender dragon,to summon the Wither you need to make a T shape with 4 pieces of soul sand and put 3 Wither skulls on each block only on the top.For the Ender dragon you need to find a portal and it comes with a few eye of ender's on it already but you need to get the rest of them,so you need to kill some Enderman and you get an ender pearl and craft that with 1 blaze powder and you get an eye of ender.Then when the portal opens,you step right into it and you go into a room and you first break out and your in The End.



 end is an amazing place,but also a very tough place at the same time too.If I was you,I would keep your head down or wear a pumpkin on your head because of the endermen.




combat is a very important part of minecraft.To be able to actually explore,you do need to fight too.


shulkers are very nasty creatures,they have a sort of a box shape forcefield that opens and closes so it can attack and try to shoot you.Things come out and when you get hit by one it makes you fly for a bit.

End  city

End city are quite hard to find,after you kill the ender dragon a portal appears.If you ender pearl into it you go into kind of another world.When you find it there's only 1 prize...THE ELYTRA!!!Elytra are an amazing pair of wings that make you soar through the air.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


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