Chimpanzees are a tipe of  apes.They are anindanjed speshe.A mayel chimp is ten times strongear then a hyooman man.They build nests in trees out of levs and stics.Sumtimes rival chimps storc ofer groops.Chimps are a grat ape suchas hyoomans orangutangs gorilias and bnobose.sprisinglee they are not vedjatereaun but they are vedjutereaun warst night mear.    Chimps hunt colubus monkeys.In the hunting groop they have a drizre abowt three blocus and the anboosher.Chimps use tools to make thing easy in live.Sum times meale chimps chalinge the Domint meale chimp.Realey the alfae intimadats the groop.Sum chimps live in swampye woods but they realey get killd in quick mud.Quick mud and quick sand is leafle.I know alot because my mum was stuck in quick mud in the midul of tracking chimpanzees.Quick sand and quick mud contane water claye and mud or sand.Captiv chimps are more dangerus than wiyolde chimps.
chimps just like orangatangs and gorillog sum are in ofanijus


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