mermiads    have  bin
  igsistig   for  yers .   mermaid   milisa   has  an  rinbow   tel  ,  she  is  twenty  yers  olld  .  the  mermaids  spel   is  get   a   cup ,  put  salt   in   it  ,  put   your   hans   on   top   of   it ,   say   I   wish   I   was   a   mermaid  .  sa.  apirins  mermiad   cleo.  she   has   logn  brown   her  wich   is  up  to  her  elbows.  she  has  lit  scin.mermaid  cleo   has  the
pawer   of   controling
e   has   a   golden   tel.mermiad   rikky   she   has   cerly   red   her.she   has  the  pawer   of   fier.  she  olso   has  a    goldin    tel.mermiad   bella   and   mermiad   emma.both   of  thoth   mermiads  have
the   pawer   of   ese,  thae   both   have   a   goldin   tel.thae   both    have   long   blond   her   wich   is   up   to   ther   elbows,   but  emmas  is  abit   blonder  than Bellas.

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